Cryptocurrency deposit to wrong address

If you have deposited cryptocurrency to a wrong address, please submit the ticket to Support Team

Please, ensure to fill in the correspondent fields:

1. Your email address

2. Add subject "Deposit to wrong address"

3. Select respective cryptocurrency from the list.


4. If your deposit or withdrawal got stuck or pending on CEX.IO, please mark the checkbox "Crypto deposit/withdrawal stuck or pending"


5. If you have used a wrong address or destination tag for XRP or memoID for XLM, please mark the checkbox "Wrong address/tag/MemoID"


6. If you have sent ETH under smart contract, please select the respective field

7. If you remember your latest transactions, please mention them in order to help support to identify your account. Please, also mention your userid.


After the request is submitted, our Support Team will check your transaction and will try to solve the issue as soon as only possible.

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