Upcoming Confirmation of Users' Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

Starting from mid-Marchclients of CEX.IO will be required to pass through phone number and email verification procedure. This is required to make sure that the information provided by our customers is correct. 

Accessing their accountsusers will need to validate their emails and phone numbersAfter the verificationcustomers will be able to trade on CEX.IO as before.

If I have more accounts?

We would especially like to draw attention of the users with several accounts. Our Terms of Use require that every user should have no more than one account. From mid-March, each account should be connected to a separate email and phone number. So, the users with more than one account should:

  • select an account that was already verified (if there is one);
  • confirm email as well as phone number for it; 
  • send funds from other accounts to the chosen one.

It is crucial as all accounts with unconfirmed information will be suspended.

Can I verify everything right now?

To confirm your phone number, simply enable  two-factor authentication for it in the security settings.

Concerning email, please go to the Social networks section. If email address is still not verified, you can press the button to confirm it, and a mail with confirmation link will be sent to you. Still, you may later be asked to validate this information again when entering your account. It will let us make sure that the information is up-to-date. 

Why confirm information?

It is the beginning of full customer verificationSoplease pay your attention that for further activities on CEX.IO, you will be required to complete identity verification. In the forthcoming period, only users with verified accounts will be able to use the platform to the full extent. 

In case you still have not verified your account, please complete your identity verification here. You can find detailed instructions on verification via the link

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