MasterCard Processing Rules Change

From February 28, 2018, 8 PM UTC, MasterCard will be changing the rules for payment processing on CEX.IO. It means that in order to enable withdrawals to your card issued by Mastercard, it is required to re-submit the card for verification. Once the verification is completed, both deposits and withdrawals will be available.

Please note that re-submitting card for verification will enable withdrawals in USD only.

For the customers with Mastercard cards who need to withdraw another currency (EUR or GBP), it is necessary to make a one-time minimum deposit of €20.00 or £15.00, respectively. Please note that withdrawals in other currencies will then be disabled for that card.

After the successful deposit, you will be able to withdraw the deposited amount with the rest of your funds.

This piece of news concerns only cards issued by MasterCard while Visa cards will work as before.

We are sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused. Your understanding on this matter will be highly appreciated.

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