Troubleshooting 2FA SMS delivery

Please write down your phone number without the prefix “0” after the country code while adding your phone for 2FA.

For example:
Your local number is: 011111111111
Your country code is: +49 (for Germany)
Correct way: +4911111111111
Incorrect way:  +49011111111111

Please note if your country code ends with "0", keep the "0" from the country code, but skip the prefix

For Example:
Your local number: 0111111111
Your country code: +380 (for Ukraine)
Correct way: +380111111111
Incorrect way: +3800111111111
Incorrect number: +38111111111


IMPORTANT: In case you have already saved your wrong number in wrong format please try to use call method instead of SMS to get the code and disable 2FA and then add the correct number. If you are unable to do so please contact support team and they will help you to disable your 2FA manually.

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