CEX.IO Launches BTC/EUR Margin Trading

Dear Users,

We are glad to announce the launch of BTC/EUR margin trading on CEX.IO. This is the third pair for trading with leverage on the exchange, after BTC/USD and ETH/BTC. 

May we remind you that trading on leverage is done in Margin Trading tab on the Trade page. Please, also note that EUR is the collateral currency for BTC/EUR pair. 

We welcome you to try out BTC/EUR margin trading right away.


Best Regards


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    Christo Zarkov

    You should add more features to this, its frustrating having to sit and watch the screen to pick up the spot when the close manually the trade. On top of all, when your server goes down during margin trading, people are screwed. It needs an setting to when to CLOSE the trade, i.e at what value you want to buy/sell the deal. Now it requires one to click a button manually which means looking at the screen constantly and even then u can miss it. No, your stop loss doesn't do that, it does the opposite, it closes the trade when u have lost too much. I am asking for the opposite of this - to close the trade when u have reached a certain gain. Just use the same mechanics as for stop loss but make it work for profit gained. For example - add a field when to close the trade - either at what value of currency or at what profit, and execute automatically when the event happens, in full or partial.
    So easy to implement since u already have the stop loss code, just add a field and apply (copy/paste) the stop loss code to it.

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    Akhil G

    Din the margin trading you may manually enter the price for stop loss value but there is a safety mechanism which triggers during the drafting market changes tries to minimize the loss. 

    So basically you are asking for a button to limit the profit am I right?

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