How do I see my profit and what is P/L?

You can track your profit estimate using the P/L column in your open positions list. Red color signifies that your position is currently at a loss. Yellow color shows that there is a small benefit potential (in a volatile market the conditions may change at the moment you close the position). Green color shows there is a hight benefit of taking profit. 

P/L value is an estimate, as the market conditions may change at the moment of position closing. We guarantee the position will be closed, but not the price at which it is closed manually. When your P/L is small it will be highlighted in yellow, which signifies that your position is still at the margin of profitability and there is a chance of loss at closing. Green values are safer, they signify that the market conditions favor your position a lot at this moment. Generally, it is best to have a look at the order book and current P/L to see if there are enough offers at current price to close your position without price changing. 

Fees are not included in P/L.

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    Where can you see if you have profitted or lost from your purchase of Ether. I´m not trading, but I have bought Ether and want to follow the value of it.

    Botagoz Bang

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    Matt McEachern

    Where is the open positions list?!

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