Do I have to be verified to trade on margin?

You don't have to be verified, but we recommend to do so to use the full extent of services CEX.IO offers. For users from the USA, Margin Trading will be available at a later date.

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    Trevor Berry

    Why are there so many restrictions in using bitcoin for the US and why? CEX.IO is 1 of the only exchanges that I can find which allows deposits using credit and debit cards. Why can CEX.IO offer cc and dc usage in the US when other exchanges don't allow this blaming restrictions? To top it off, I just realized that US citizens cannot use marginal trading but its coming soon. What reasons does the US have to restrict certain resources that exchanges offer for using bitcoin? What business is it of theirs if someone wants to use bitcoin? Why is the USA singled out on using marginal trading until a later date? Is this USA restrictions or is this on CEX.IO for not allowing marginal trading. Why would CEX.IO single out the US? I have to say that after all the studying I did on trading bitcoin I feel a little let down that I can't use marginal trading, that is why I ask all these questions.

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    Akhil G

    Hi trevor.

    In order to provide a service in a particular country or region a company has to acquire the required licenses and permissions.  CEX.Io has obtained the required permissions and this is the reason they can provider their services in the selective regions.

    The same is the case with margin trading too, it is in the interests of CEX.IO to provide its service round the globe and we are expanding our network. We kindly request you patience while we enter the US markets with margin trading.

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