Where is my trade history?

There are two places where you can view your trade history. 

Transaction history

Your transaction history shows every movement of funds on your account per transaction. A single trade order consists of multiple transactions (at least two) and, in some cases (partial completion, large order matched by multiple small ones, active trading done by trade bot), it may become inconvenient to watch the trade history there.

Archived orders

List of archived orders is a much more convenient way to view your trading history. It is created per order, which means that transaction list, however big it is for a single order, is collapsed into a single line showing all the essential information. Blue values are positive, red ones are negative.

  • ID is the number of the trade order in our system
  • Pair is the market where the order has been placed
  • Type shows the order type
  • Amount shows the opening amount of the order in Symbol 1 (BTC, for BTC/USD market) 
  • Price shows the placement price (will be empty for market order type)
  • Filled shows how much of the initial order has been completed at the time of viewing
  • Avg. execution price shows at what price the order has been fulfilled, taking rounding into account
  • Fee shows size of the fee taken for the order
  • Balance change shows changes in Symbol 2 balance (USD, for BTC/USD market)
  • Status shows the current status of the order
  • Closed date shows a timestamp for the order that has been closed. 

In this way you will be able to view exactly how your orders were executed and see all the balance movements connected with them. 

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