Ether Trading Launched on CEX.IO

Dear Users,


CEX.IO warmly welcomes our users at the the launch of trading Ethers on our platform!

From now on, you can trade ETH/BTC and ETH/USD, as well as simply buy Ethers with your Visa or MasterCard, or via bank transfer.

Ether is used as a payment method on Ethereum decentralised platform that runs smart contracts. At the moment of writing, market capitalisation of ETH is on the second place after Bitcoin, and is near $600,000,000. ETH average market price is about $8, which is many times higher, than most altcoins on the network.

As ETH is different from Bitcoin and most altcoins, we’d like to pay your attention to deposit and withdrawal fees with ETH on CEX.IO:

- Withdrawal fee is 0.01 ETH.
- Minimum deposit amount is 0.001 ETH. Please note that if the amount is less than 0.001 ETH, the funds will not be credited to your account.

Ether is crucial for developers who want to build apps using the Ethereum blockchain, as well as for users who are aiming to access and interact with smart contracts. In their turn, professional traders consider using ETH volatility in their trading strategies.

We at CEX.IO are glad to support outstanding innovations, such as Ethereum, and welcome everyone to buy, sell, and trade Ethers on our exchange.

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