How to do a Bitcoin signature to verify address ownership?

In order to verify your address ownership you should have a wallet address which was used to deposit BTC to your CEX.IO account.  Using this wallet address you can perform Bitcoin Signature Verification for the depositing addresses, and share the following information for verification.


1. Address signed: (depositing address)

2. Message Input: (CEX.IO deposit address)

3. Signature Output: (verification code with special chars)


Here is a link to our Guide on signing Bitcoin addresses, please use a personal Bitcoin wallet client and follow the steps to get your Signature Output hash.

If you are unable to access any of the addresses linked to your CEX.IO account, then we will need to verify you with a list of mandatory account information as requested by our security.

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    Linda Cguaza


    Please help, Is this "up" number above regarded as a bitcoin address / identification where people can send me btc to ?

    Thank you, I'll listen to radio

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    Monday Robert

    I don't understand where to find Bitcoin address for depositing bitcoins

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    Clara B

    Dear up104084267,

    In order to see your deposit wallet address, please open your Finance page ( and click "Deposit" next to the chosen currency. There is the unique wallet address you may use for deposits.

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