What do I do if my phone is lost or damaged?

SMS/Phone 2FA: In case of a damaged phone, the easiest way is to take its SIM card and use it in another device to get the messages and codes. If you are not able to take out your SIM card and use it in another phone because of damage or loss, please contact support to restore access to your account. 

Google Authenticator: The easiest way to go is restore the code on another device from a backup. Remember: When you activate Google 2FA on your account, there is an activation code next to the QR code you scan. This code is used for manually adding the information for your account to the app, and can be used to restore the code in case your device is lost. 

In all other instances, we will need to assist you by resetting your 2FA verification. Please make sure you are able to answer this questionnaire to prove your account ownership and contact support to restore access to your account.


You will be able to re-enable the Google 2FA app once you are logged in, please make a safe copy of the enabling code, so you can perform device resets successfully if required.

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