Why is my payment on pending status?


  • Crypto: At CEX.IO we require the minimum number of confirmations before funds are credited to your account. This can take anywhere between 1-24 hours, except for cases of unforeseen or unavoidable network issues. 

         Here are the minimum confirmations for all the coins we have on the platform.

         BTC    - 3 confirmations

         BCH    - 12 confirmations

         BTG    - 41 confirmations

         ETH    - 25 confirmations

         LTC    - 3 confirmations         

         DASH - 6 confirmations 

         ZEC   - 15 confirmations

         XRP   - Immediate 

         XLM   - Immediate 

        GUSD - 25 confirmations

        OMG  -  25 confirmations


  • Bank transfer:
    1. Domestic bank transfer: 1 business day to be credited to your CEX.IO account by our financial officer.
    2. International bank transfer: 2-5 business days to be credited to your CEX.IO account by our financial officer.
  • Payment card:
    1. your card verification is still incomplete - if the verification has just been submitted - please allow our compliance team 15-20 minutes to process it. In case your application could not be approved right away our compliance team will inform you via email on what needs to be corrected. 
    2. your card is verified, but the deposit requires clearing from our financial officer due to compliance policies - this is an unusual case but if you encounter it - please contact our support team


  • Crypto: please allow up to 1 hour (except for cases of unforeseen or unavoidable network issues) for the blockchain to pick up your transaction.
  • Bank transfer: Your withdrawal is being processed by financial officer. Withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours on business days, but the time can be expanded in case the payment details are incorrect or incomplete, or if the transaction is rejected. In order to avoid delays - please check your payment details with your bank. After the payment is processed by financial agent it will take some time to reach your account - it depends on bank processing.
  • Payment card: your transaction requires clearing from a financial officer. This is an unusual case, and if you encounter it, please contact our support team


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