How to create and redeem vouchers?

CEX.IO vouchers can be used to instantly transfer BTC between CEX.IO accounts without any fees.  

Voucher creation

  • Go to the Finance page
  • Click on Withdrawal button for the currency you want to create a voucher for


  • Enter the amount that you want the voucher to be, and your auth code if you have 2FA enabled (if not, you will receive e-mail confirmation)
  • Click on the “Create Voucher” button
  • You will receive a voucher code in your e-mail - you can use this only on CEX.IO

Note: You cannot create a voucher for more than you have available in your balance.

Voucher Redemption

  • Go to the finance page
  • Paste your voucher code in the space
  • click on the “Redeem” button 

You may check the graphical image below to learn how to redeem vouchers:

Attention: It is unsafe to buy CEX.IO voucher codes on third-party sites and web-stores. Only accept vouchers from someone you personally know and trust. CEX.IO will not investigate queries about inactive vouchers purchased elsewhere. 

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    Sounds like a stock investments with bitcoin can work many ways

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    how to make usd voucher code. couldnt do

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    Jim C

    Dear thinkinger, 

    Please be informed that you may use Vouchers for crypto currency only.

    Should there be any additional questions, feel free to contact us at

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    hesabıma para yükleyemiyorum

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