What is the minimum and maximum order amount?

Trading on CEX.IO is flexible in terms of order placement, however, there are certain limitations.

You can always check them by typing in https://cex.io/api/currency_limits into your address line. 

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    so can i mine with less than 1GHS ?

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    Leonard J.

    Hello johnmcm1985,

    That is correct, you could expect to see mining profits with 1 GHS. However, fractional GHS positions are highly variable, and it is strongly suggested to purchase at least 1 GHS for an optimal mining experience.

    Please contact us via support ticket if you need additional information :)

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    Hello... I have little problem ...I cant find Adreess...I have Bitnoin on my secound account and I want send It here... but I dont know how... can you help me please ? 

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