Security notice: update your password

Dear Users, 

Following a bug discovered in Cloudflare DDoS protection system we strongly advise that you update security on your accounts. Please do the following at the nearest time:

  • Change your password
  • Reset your 2FA key (disconnect 2FA and connect it again)
  • Renew your API keys (that also concerns mobile app users - please disconnect and reconnect it to CEX)

Although the bug affected only a very small percentage of connections, safety is the first priority, and we recommend updating your security settings on all affected services (list here)

The issue has already been repaired by Cloudflare, so there is no danger at this moment. 


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    how about a link to a place where I can change my password?

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    Mia Barrett

    neurochubby1, to change your password please click on the button with your name in the top right corner of the CEX.IO webpage and select 'Profile'.
    You may also use a following link:

    Edited by Mia Barrett
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    Caroline Shoushanian

    Can someone please check my verification status ?


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    Akhil G

    It will be checked in the nearest time.

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