Margin Trading Temporary Suspension on CEX.IO

In the nearest future, with SegWit2x fork coming nearer, we are happy to remind that, resulting from the fork, you will receive the B2X coin if you have some BTC on your balance at the moment of the fork. We will also add the following trading pairs: B2X/BTC and B2X/USD.

But SegWit2x fork will be a bit different compared to the previous ones. Currently, we are not sure which of the chains will conform to the initial rules and which will follow the updated protocol. And there is a risk of the reflection of transactions on both chains.

Under the conditions of uncertainty, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend margin trading on our platform until everything stabilizes.

Please, pay attention to the following statements:

  • We disable opening new positions for trading on margin for Bitcoin pairs (BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, ETH/BTC) on November 6.

  • We ask you to close all open BTC-related positions on margin trading before 23:59:59 on November 9. This is the term counted considering approximately 72 spare hours before the block with the number 494,784, at which the fork will happen.

  • We keep the right to ourselves to close the position that will remain open to ensure the safety of your funds.

We would like to underline that it is a temporary measure intended to avoid confusion with the split chains. As soon as the situation becomes clear, we will renew trading on margin.

Depositing and Withdrawing Options

Temporarily, approximately 10 blocks before the hard fork, BTC deposits and withdrawals will be disabled. After everything gets stable, you will be able to continue the mentioned operations.

As for B2X coin, our users will be able to carry out respective operations later. And we encourage you to pay attention while making such transactions since various platforms may refer to the two chains differently.

You will be informed about any further changes. And we will do our best so that you were able to get the benefits.

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