Bitcoin Gold Introduced on CEX.IO

The crypto community has successfully passed the expected Bitcoin Gold fork. Earlier in our announcements, we promised to split the coin. And you may have already noticed the presence of BTG on your balances. They were added in the amount that equates to the BTC on your account at the moment when the fork occurred.

Can I trade it now?

Unfortunately, trading the coin is still not possible and we would like to explain the situation. For the whole process of the fork to be successful, specific software is necessary. But the team working on the Bitcoin Gold realization has not released their full node client yet.

What does that mean?

It means that one is still uncertain if the coin will really exist in the future. And trading BTG, in this case, appears to be very risky.

What should I do?

In this situation, it is recommended to wait. As soon as the BTG client becomes available, we will introduce the usual trading pairs (BTG/BTC, BTG/USD, BTG/EUR, BTG/GBP). And after we double-check that the software is secure, depositing and withdrawing BTG will be allowed.

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