User Behavior Policy

The task of the Support Team at CEX.IO is to help the customers in the shortest time possible. Our supporters will make their best to stay positive, no matter how serious the problem may be. Yet, they are not always able to deal with the provoking behavior. We value your time and recognize your concerns, but we also understand that our team deserves proper working conditions to assist you.

Whether those are the financial or any other problems, we know how frustrating it can be to wait. Still, how stressful the situation may be, we would appreciate your ability to stay respectful. Our employees always look for the best ways to solve your problems. But do you think it is possible to settle the issues fast and professionally while experiencing rudeness and pressure? Our team is always faster and more effective in solving the issues in a calm atmosphere. As a result, the suited behavior is always a win-win situation.

To ensure the proper treatment of our workers, we should get rid of the disrespectful behavior. So, we encourage you to stay polite. And if the unacceptable behaviors continue, we reserve the right to end our cooperation. Any conflict can be solved when both sides are collaborative. On our side, we are always determined to do what depends on us to ensure the best experience.

Thank you for understanding that the proper behavior is the basis for cooperation. Respect towards the clients is an important requirement for our workers, and we expect the same treatment in return. In case of any questions about the policy, feel free to contact us at, and we would be happy to provide necessary clarifications.

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