[RESOLVED] GBP card withdrawals on maintenance

Dear Users,

GBP card withdrawals are working well.

Dear users,

Card withdrawals for GBP are currently on maintenance. Service proper operation should be restored as soon as possible.
We are sorry for temporary inconveniences.

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    user ID: up106274

    It is not working well , I have sent a support request , I was sent back a cut and paste reply about Visa limits , i have not reached any limits , I have spoken with my bank , they say I have not reached any limits.

    Please can you look into my support and reply.

    From yesterday and today please , I would like to withdraw money.

    Your request (356854) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. We kindly request for your patience while your request is checked and surely a support team member will get back to you.
    You can reply directly to this email.

    Jordan (CEX.IO)

    Oct 11, 15:48 BST

    Dear Pm WILSON ,

    Thank you for your patience.

    Our payment service provider informed us that the reason for rejected payment is limits which are set on international payment systems VISA and MasterCard.Unfortunately, neither CEX.IO nor our payment service provider can not influence on this situation, it depends on VISA and MasterCard international payment systems only.

    Please kindly note that there are the following limits from VISA and MasterCard:
    - max per transactions limit per 1 payment card is 2,000 EUR (for other currencies - equivalently) 
    - monthly limit per 1 payment card is 50,000 EUR (for other currencies - equivalently). These limits are the total turnover for all websites where you have performed payments in current month (not only on CEX.IO).

    Here is the link to our post with more detailed explanation:

    Thank you for your patience and understanding
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    Akhil G

    These are the limits imposed by the VISA and MasterCard. This is not just a copy paste but the reason for the decline. Nevertheless, we have sent the ticket to the finance department and kindly wait for their reply with more details.

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