Bitcoin split and new coin BCH

As we are now past the date of split and both BTC and BCH networks have demonstrated operational state, the time has come to properly split coins on CEX.IO, as we have promised our users in our previous press releases.

Here are the principal points of split on CEX.IO:

1) What has been split?

BCH coins will be added to users in accordance with their BTC balances. This includes balances on accounts as well as what was in incomplete trade orders at the moment of split. This does not include BTC in margin trading positions.

2) What can I do with BCH?

CEX.IO has opened several markets for trading BCH for BTC and FIAT. At the beginning, deposits and withdrawals will not function. They will be activated at a later date, when we are sure it is completely safe to do so. Please make sure you do not send any BCH to BTC wallets. When deposits are activated, a separate BCH depositing address will be visible to you.

3) Will margin trading be available on BCH?

This depends on performance of the coin. If its trading is active and the volumes are high and stable for a period of time, we will surely consider adding more trade instruments on the new pairs.

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    Marcelo Chacon Silva

    CEX.IO Team! i've submited a request and i dont get help from you! almost a week since i submited 2 of my credit cards and 1 has already been charged with the test amount (and i cant input this charge anywhere for confirm card is mine!) and the other card: NOTHING! both cards are "PENDING"!

    Please fix my problem!!

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    Akhil G



    I have asked the compliance to check your case. 

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