Attention! Withdrawal Limit Changed

It's been a while since we have introduced our unique feature of withdrawal to payment cards. No other exchange allows that without creating extra prepaid cards and long waiting periods, and we are quite proud to be the first ones to go the most comfortable and user friendly way.

Needless to say, this feature proved very popular with our users - more and more people are using it every day, thanks to the ease and speed with which the funds are delivered. 

We have had some rare instances when user's banks have rejected inbound payments, and now we have collected enough data to find out the reasons for that.

Payment Systems, such as VISA and MasterCard are on top of all the new features and ways people can transfer funds to cards, and so, they are of course concerned about possible fraud or malicious use of their systems. 

With that in mind, they have imposed inbound limits of €2,000 or equivalent in other currencies, per day per card, up to €50,000 per month. Important is that this limit is systemwide - not just for CEX.IO. That means that if you receive payouts to your card from multiple sources, they all count to this single limit. 

For example, if your wife sent you €500 to pick up Christmas gifts for your beloved in-laws, you will not be able to withdraw €2,000 from CEX.IO on that day. Only €1,500 will be available to you to stay within that limit.

Unfortunately, the statistics for those limits lies within VISA and MC systems, so there is no way for us to inform you how much is available for you to withdraw - you will have to stay on top of your card statement to make sure you can receive the payment. 


Apart from what has been described above - there are no other changes to card withdrawals, but we are keeping our eyes on them all the time and will release any extra notices as required.  

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    Shahrizan Hassan

    So does this mean if we have multiple cards we can withdraw more than $50,000 per month?

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    David Carter

    Dear Shahrizan Hassan,


    You can always check current limits and commissions on the following page:


    Limits and Commissions

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    Rohit Aneja

    I requested withdrawal of some amount, and it was reduced from CEX wallet, but also charged from my mater card.. Why is it so? it was a withdrawal and not deposit?

    I am double charged because of this. Amount reduced from CEX wallet as well as charged from my mastercard? Why?

    User id : up106482712

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