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CEX.IO will stop trading for 7 pairs on October 15, 2021
CEX.IO will stop trading for 7 pairs on October 15, 2021
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At CEX.IO we strive to maintain liquid and active pairs to ensure your best trading experience.

With that aim, we made a decision to consolidate the liquidity on certain markets and remove 7 currency pairs from our platform.

Starting from October 15, 2021, at 00:00 UTC the following pairs will no longer be available for trading:


The above tokens remain on the platform. You will still be able to buy, sell, or trade them in other currency pairs (for example, BUSD/USD, REN/USDT, SNX/USD).

How we’ll proceed with the pairs’ removal

  • On October 15, 2021, we’ll cancel all active orders in the mentioned pairs. Please, cancel your pending orders in these pairs before that date.

  • On the same date, these pairs will be removed from the Trade page on the CEX.IO website and the mobile app.

You can check your open orders on the Trade page by selecting the pair in the left part. Your active order you can see above the order book.

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