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Maker fees are paid when you add liquidity to a crypto platform’s order book. This happens when you place a limit buy order below the current market price or a limit sell order above the current market price.

Such an order cannot be executed right away because there is no matching order available yet. If the market moves below the limit order price, the buy order will be completed and the trader will pay a maker fee. This fee is usually lower than the taker fee because the trader has added liquidity to the order book; the buy order increases the exchange’s trading volume and liquidity.

If you place a limit order at a price close to the current market rate, it can happen that your order will be completed as a taker due to the high volatility.

The maker fee on CEX.IO varies from 0.16% to 0% depending on your monthly trading volume.

You can find more details on how trading fees are calculated on CEX.IO in our Help Centre.

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