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CEX.IO Mobile app: basic troubleshooting tips
CEX.IO Mobile app: basic troubleshooting tips
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CEX.IO offers a convenient and user-friendly mobile app for trading cryptocurrencies anytime and anywhere.

It may happen that you face some issues with the CEX.IO mobile app, like it's not responding or showing not actual data. The most common reasons for that are OS characteristics or settings of your device.

So, we have prepared some troubleshooting tips on how to fix such cases:

  • Check whether your device shows the correct time zone. Go to your mobile settings and choose automatic or network time settings.

  • Check if your internet connection is strong enough. Try to switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data, turn off the Internet connection and then enable it back.

  • Sometimes content blockers or antiviruses such as AdAway or AdBlocker interfere with the functionality of the CEX.IO mobile app. Check if you have any installed on your phone and disable it.

  • Make sure that the latest version of the app is installed. You can check this info in the markets - App Store and Google Play.

  • Turn off the VPN services.

  • Log out of the app and log in again.

  • Kill the application. Once you launch an application, it will continue to run in the background, even after you have left it and moved on to another task so it is important to kill the application running in the background before your next login attempt.

  • Finally, restart your device.

Please, note that CEX.IO mobile app requires the following OS versions:

  • Android - 4.1 and up

  • iOS - 10.0 or later

These simple recommendations can help you save time and enjoy trading with CEX.IO mobile app to the fullest.

If you need any further assistance, you can always contact our support team via chat.

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