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How to withdraw crypto in the CEX.IO mobile app
How to withdraw crypto in the CEX.IO mobile app
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Crypto withdrawals are simple and handy with the CEX.IO mobile app. We save your destination addresses on the Withdrawal page so you can instantly use them for future transactions. In the mobile app, you can also confirm your withdrawals with a 5-digit Withdrawal Pin Code (WPC). It’s much faster than entering the 2FA code and clicking an email confirmation link.

Here’s how to withdraw crypto via the CEX.IO mobile app:

1. Open the Withdrawal page

  • Go to the Wallet tab

  • Select the currency you want to withdraw

  • Click on the Withdrawal button


2. Enter the amount you want to send. Double-check the total amount to see how much will be transferred and the total including commission.

3. Add your destination wallet address.

  • Click Add New Address

  • Choose a name for this address (you may type any name you wish)

  • Enter your destination wallet address or scan the QR code of your external wallet


Your address will be saved for further withdrawals in this currency. The names you give to your addresses are up to you; they will not influence the processing of your transactions. If you need to use another destination wallet, just swipe between addresses.

5. Finally, confirm the operation with your Withdrawal Pin Code.

When you make a withdrawal for the first time, you’ll need to set up your Withdrawal Pin Code (WPC). It’s important to remember the code because you’ll use it for your further crypto withdrawals via the CEX.IO mobile app.



Don’t forget to add the destination tag and memo ID or Text where required for the withdrawals. If you don’t enter a destination tag or memo ID, your coins may not reach the destination wallet and may be lost.

To see the history of your deposits and withdrawals, go to the Wallet page, choose the currency, and select Payments. Tap one of your transactions to see more details like time, amount, and link in the blockchain.


If you need any assistance with your withdrawals in the CEX.IO mobile app, contact our mobile experts by submitting a request via chat.

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