The CEX.IO mobile app supports card and crypto withdrawals, so you can send funds to your debit/credit card or external wallet whenever you need. Sending funds with the mobile app is even faster than with the web version of CEX.IO. To confirm a withdrawal in the app, simply enter your withdrawal pin code (WPC). There’s no need for confirmation via email or two-factor authentication (2FA) code.

Due to security measures, there are limits for mobile app withdrawals that vary depending on the currency, payment method, and your account verification level. To check your withdrawal limits in the CEX.IO mobile app:

  • Go to your Wallet

  • Select the currency you want to withdraw

  • Tap My limits


You’ll see the following limits:

  • Daily transaction limit — How many transactions you can make per day

  • Daily limit used — How many funds you have already transferred and how much you can transfer within the current 24-hour period

  • Monthly limit used — how much you have already transferred and how much you can transfer within the current month

You can check your daily and monthly account limits for any currency. You’ll find the amount you can withdraw during the current day in the Available for payment section. This information will help you control your transactions and plan your trading activities.


The navigation and interface can differ depending on the OS you are using (Android and iOS).

To increase your account limits, you’ll need to pass address or enhanced verification. You can find more details about your account payment limits on the limits and commissions page.

If you have questions about the CEX.IO mobile app, contact our Mobile Experts by submitting a request via chat.

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