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Crypto trading instruments in the CEX.IO Exchange App
Crypto trading instruments in the CEX.IO Exchange App
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The CEX.IO mobile app is a fully functional tool that allows you to trade and control your orders and funds anywhere you are. It has some unique features for your on-the-go trading. You can buy, sell, exchange or trade cryptocurrencies in the CEX.IO mobile app using the:

How to place a trade order in the CEX.IO mobile app

To place an order using the CEX.IO mobile app go to the Trade page in the Trade Pro menu.

There you’ll see Market and Limit tabs.


  • A market order allows you to buy or sell crypto under the current market conditions and is filled immediately. Use market orders when the speed of execution is your priority.

  • Limit orders allow you to specify the price at which you want your order to be filled. However, you need to wait for the market to meet that price and your limit order will be completed.

If you wish to change the currency for your order, you can do that in the top of the screen. Click on the currency pair button, then choose a currency you want to spend in the slider in the top and currency you want to get from the drop-down list.


To buy crypto using a market order:

  • Enter the amount you want to spend in USD (or another currency, based on the pair you’ve selected).

  • Click Buy and you’ll see the estimated amount of the selected currency you’ll get at the current exchange rate.

  • If you agree to the conditions, click Buy again.


The order will be completed immediately and the purchased crypto will be added to your CEX.IO balance at once.

Please note: the final amount you receive may differ from the amount estimated when placing the order due to rapid changes in the market price.

You can sell your crypto using a market order in the same way:

  • enter the amount you want to sell, click the Sell button, and confirm the sale.


To place a limit order:

  • Enter the amount you want to buy or sell

  • Enter the desired price

  • Click Buy or Sell and check the details of your order

  • Review the details of the order and click the Buy (or Sell) button to place it.


Once you confirm the order, it will be placed and will appear in your Orders tab. As soon as the market price reaches the price you’ve specified, the order will be filled. You can cancel a limit order at any time before it’s executed by clicking on the ❌ icon next to it in the Orders tab.


You can set up an order notification to receive a push notification in the app once your order is executed.

How to track your trade history

To check the details of all your trades, go to the Trade Pro and open the History page.

Here you can see your completed market and limit orders with details such as:

  • the time when an order was completed or canceled

  • the order ID

  • the amount bought or sold

  • the price at which the order was filled

  • the fee for the order

  • the total amount spent

Trades performed using the Instant Buy, Instant Sell, and Exchange features are reflected as market orders.

Note: If your limit order is still active, you can find it in the Orders tab. It will not be shown in your trade history until it’s completed or canceled.

Happy trading with CEX.IO!

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