As you may already know, we’ve listed TRX on CEX.IO, and now you can start buying or trading this cryptocurrency on our platform. To do so, you’ll first need to create an account. Here is how you can do that on CEX.IO.

Create an account

  1. To create an account on CEX.IO, click Register in the upper right corner on the main page. At the next step, enter your email and password, and click Register.

2. Then confirm your email address by clicking the link you receive in the confirmation email or by copying the code in that email and pasting it in the field on the email confirmation page.

At this step, you’ll also be prompted to confirm your phone number. Doing so turns on two-factor authentication (2FA) and adds an extra layer of security to your account. On the phone verification page, fill in your phone number and verify it with the code you receive via SMS or phone call. CEX.IO turns on phone-based 2FA by default, but you can change your 2FA method to Google Authenticator in your account settings if you wish.

After you create an account, you can choose to buy TRX instantly or trade - buy or sell crypto by placing a market or limit order.

Buy TRX instantly

  1. You can buy TRX instantly with your Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card. Enter the amount you want to buy, select the currency to pay in – USD, EUR, GBP, or RUB – and click Buy Now.

2. At the next step, add a card to complete the purchase. Fill out your card information and upload a photo of the card along with your identity document and a selfie with the card to prove ownership.


Check out the card verification guide for information on how to add your card quickly. You can use a card in your local currency to buy crypto on CEX.IO. Payment will be converted into the deposit currency you select in accordance with your bank’s current exchange rate.

Once your card is verified, you’ll be able to finalize your purchase. Enter the CVC/CVV code, agree to the Terms of Use, Refund Policy, Payment Conditions, and Cardholder’s Agreement, and click the final Buy Now button.


Trade: Buy or Sell

Alternatively, you can buy or sell TRX by placing a market or limit order.

1. First, you’ll need to pass identity verification. This is a security step to ensure a safe trading environment on the exchange. Begin by clicking Start Verification button. You'll be forwarded to the verification page. Select Identity Verification and fill out the required information. Check out the verification guide for detailed information on how to submit your application properly so it gets checked faster.


After you complete identity verification, you’ll be able to use crypto and card payment methods (if allowed in your jurisdiction).

To fund your account with a bank transfer, you’ll need to complete address verification. This requires providing information about your residency, supported by documents such as utility/electricity bills, tax returns, etc. You’ll find information about payment instruments and limits for each verification type on the Finance page of the CEX.IO website under the Limits and Commissions tab.


2. Make a deposit

Once your account is verified, you’ll be able to make a deposit and start trading. On CEX.IO, you can choose to fund your account with crypto, payment card, or bank transfer. The payment methods available depend on your jurisdiction.

To make a deposit, log in to your CEX.IO account and click Deposit in the upper right corner of the screen, or proceed to the Finance page, go to the Balance tab, and click Deposit on the right of the currency of your choice. You’ll then get to the deposit page, where you can select the payment method, enter the amount, and transfer funds. Check out the CEX.IO Help Center for more information about depositing funds to your account.

3. Trade

To place an order on CEX.IO, proceed to the Trade page. On the left of the chart, you’ll see the list of available currencies. Select a pair that matches the fiat currency you’ve deposited.

If you select TRX/USD and click Buy, for instance, you’ll be able to buy TRX and sell your USD. By choosing Sell with the same currency pair, you’ll be able to sell your TRX and buy USD.

You can choose to place a market or limit order.

A market order means you’ll buy or sell crypto at the best available current market rate. Such orders are filled instantly.

When placing a limit order, you specify the price at which you wish to buy or sell your crypto. Limit orders are filled when the price reaches the specified level or better.

To place a market buy order, go to the Trade page, select the Market tab, and click Instantly buy TRX. Then enter the amount of fiat currency you wish to spend; the estimated amount of TRX will be calculated automatically in the next field. Then hit Buy now. If you wish to sell TRX, choose Instant sell TRX.


Purchased crypto or fiat will be added to your account balance instantly. You’ll see it on the balance bar in the upper part of the page and on your account balance page.


To place a limit order, go to the Trade page, open the Limit tab, and click on Buy TRX or Sell TRX. Then enter the amount and specify the price at which you want your order completed. Finally, click Place order. When the price reaches the specified level, your limit order will be filled and coins or fiat will be added to your balance.


For more information, check out the CEX.IO Help Center.

If you have any questions or need help, contact the CEX.IO support team via You are also welcome to join our Telegram community at where you can ask questions and participate in discussions.

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