To use the Instant Sell feature with the immediate top-up of your card, you need to make a crypto deposit to your CEX.IO.

With the CEX.IO mobile app, you can do that in a few taps:

  1. Go to Wallet
  2. Tap Deposit
  3. Choose the currency you want to deposit

You’ll see your CEX.IO wallet address for the selected currency. Now copy this address or scan the QR code with your external wallet.

Before making a deposit, please check the minimum amount required for transactions in the selected currency on our limits and commissions page. If the amount of your deposit is lower, we will not be able to process it.

Please note that you need to include a memo ID for XLM and a destination tag for XRP deposits to CEX.IO. A missing or incorrect memo ID or destination tag can lead to loss of funds.

In addition, you may check out how many confirmations are needed for every currency to be credited to your CEX.IO balance.

Once your deposit confirmed and funds are credited to your CEX.IO balance, you can sell it on the Buy/Sell page in the CEX.IO mobile app.

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