Hello CEX.IO users,

Two-factor Authentication is a proven way to add an extra layer of security and is very useful for online services such as email and other crucial tools.

Security for access to online financial services is a must for participants, both small and large scale. We work to make sure that all accounts are protected from any possible attacks, and offer 2FA level security as default.

Here is a video description of the process followed by text explanation:

CEX.IO offers two services for users to control 2FA access on their account.

SMS/Phone call

This type of 2FA service provides codes via SMS or voice calls to users which further can be used to access the account. In order to activate this service you are required to have a valid and working phone number.

In case you want to change phone number associated with this service you are kindly requested to contact support team by opening a ticket explaining the issue or write to support@cex.io.

Google 2FA

Make sure to download 16-digit 2FA backup key and keep it safe. You will need it to restore access to your account if you lose your phone.

NB: If you do not save the activation codes for your Google app install, you will need us to verify you for manual disable by one of the above methods.

To manually disable Two Factor settings, we have to be sure that you are true account holder and we will request account verification information from you. Verification information will be sent to our security department for investigation. We will contact you if we need additional information.


NB (Risk warning): Two-Factor Authentication can also be disabled completely from user accounts by using the verification code and ticking that you are aware of the security risk warnings.

This completes the Guide for how to re-configure Two Factor Authentication, our aim is make sure your account is secure, and let you have optimum control.

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